What the students say

Stayed 6 weeks at Ixbalanque and had a great time. I really learned how to speak and write Spanish in day-to-day life and have experienced the local culture; just love my new Honduran family!
- Bruno Aardenburg - 26,
Netherlands, the
My time at Ixblanque was a wonderful experience! The one-on-one time with my tutor was extremely helpful in that we were able to focus on my weaknesses in Spanish and skip past areas that I had already mastered. My tutor was very helpful and was able to explain everything to me very well (especially the subjunctive tense). I stayed with a wonderful family, where I learned the ins and outs of life in a Honduran family. I learned more during my 5 weeks here than I did during 8 years of studying Spanish in the US. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone looking to better their language skills and enhance their cultural awareness.
- Rachel Stevenson - 27,